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Manganese Carbide Powder, Mn3C

Manganese Carbide Powder, Mn3C

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Chinese name: manganese carbide


Molecular formula: CMn3

CAS No.: 12266-65-8


Molecular weight: 176.82


Melting point: 1520 ° C

Character: gray black powder

Density: 6.890 g/cm3

Appearance: acicular tetragonal crystal with metallic luster

Physical and chemical properties: insoluble in concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid, but can be decomposed by water or dilute acid to produce manganese hydroxide, hydrogen and hydrocarbons. It burns rapidly in oxygen and is easy to react with fluorine and chlorine.

Synthesis method: manganese carbide can be prepared from the mixture of powdered manganese and carbon at about 2200 ° C, and the heat of formation △ fHm (298K)=- (15.06 ± 12.55) kJ/mol. When smelting high-carbon ferromanganese or manganese-silicon alloy in blast furnace or electric furnace, the result is not pure manganese or manganese silicide, but manganese carbide. Therefore, the heat absorbed by the reaction is smaller than that of reduction to metallic manganese or manganese silicide, that is, the reaction starting temperature is lower, so there is more carbon in high-carbon ferromanganese.

Application field: manganese carbide hydrolysis method is one of the preparation methods of manganese trioxide powder. Some studies have disclosed a method of producing manganous oxide from carbon-manganese alloy, a method of producing low-selenium and high-specific surface area manganous oxide from carbon-manganese alloy by one-step method, and a method of preparing Mn3O4 nano-powder by manganese carbide hydrolysis oxidation method. The method of preparing Mn3O4 micro-powder by manganese carbide (transition metal carbide) hydrolysis oxidation method is disclosed, because it does not involve catalyst, acid, alkali and other chemical reagents, Compared with the preparation of Mn3O4 by electrolytic manganese powder suspension oxidation, it is obviously a veritable green process.

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