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Titanium Carbide Powder, TiC

Titanium Carbide Powder, TiC

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Titanium carbide

1. Properties: gray metal luster crystalline solid, hard, second only to diamond hardness, weak magnetism.

2. Density (g/cm3,25℃) : 4.93

3. Melting point (℃) : 3140

Boiling point (℃, atmospheric pressure) : 4820

4. Solubility: soluble in nitric acid and aqua regia, insoluble in water.

5. Mohs hardness: 9 ~ 10

6. Coefficient of thermal expansion (K) : 7.74×10-6

Thermal conductivity (W/ (M ·K)) : 21

7. Heat of formation (kJ/mol) : -183.4


1. Composite materials: Titanium carbide ceramics are super hard tool materials. TiC can be made into various composite ceramic materials with TiN, WC, Al2O3 and other raw materials. Titanium carbide ceramic is used for high speed wire guide wheel and carbon steel cutting because it does not cause crescent wear with steel and has good oxidation resistance. Composite ceramic cutting tools containing titanium carbide have been widely used.

2. Coating material: Titanium carbide as the surface coating is a very abrasion resistant material. Some strong carbides are plated on the diamond surface by physical or chemical methods to form metals or alloys. These metals or alloys can interact with carbon atoms on the diamond surface at high temperature to form stable carbides. These carbides can not only bond well with diamond, but also be well infiltrated by the matrix metal, so as to enhance the adhesion between diamond and the matrix metal. The service life of the cutter can be increased several times by deposition of titanium carbide thin film on the cutter.

3. In the study of nuclear fusion reactor, the tritium-resistant permeable layer formed on the surface of titanium carbide coating material and (TiN+ TiC) composite coating material after chemical heat treatment can resist hydrogen ion irradiation, temperature gradient and thermal cycle.

4. In addition, titanium carbide can also be used to make crucible for melting tin, lead, cadmium, zinc and other metals; Transparent titanium carbide ceramics are also good optical material.





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