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Niobium Boride Powder, B2Nb

Niobium Boride Powder, B2Nb

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Niobium boride, gray hexagonal crystal
It's called Niobium Boride
The formula is B2Nb

1. product performance:

Niobium diboride (nbb2) is a high covalent refractory ceramic material with hexagonal

 crystal structure. Nbb2 is an ultra-high temperature ceramic (UHTC), with a melting point

 of 3050 ° C, lattice constant: a=0.310nm, c=0.330nm, hardness (kg/mm2): 2600. In addition,

 the relatively low density of 〜 6.97 g / cm3 and good high-temperature strength make it a 

candidate for high-temperature aerospace applications, such as hypersonic flight or rocket 

propulsion systems.

2. packaging and storage:

This product is packed in inert gas filled plastic bags, sealed and stored in a dry and cool 

environment. It should not be exposed to the air, so as to prevent moisture and oxidation 

agglomeration, which will affect the dispersion performance and use effect; The packaging 

quantity can be provided according to the customer's requirements and sub packed.

3. Synthesis method:

Niobium diboride was synthesized by heating in two stages after mixing element boron and

 element niobium in proportion.

4. Function and application field:

It is used as raw material for fine ceramics and superconducting materials. Among the 

superconducting materials, only NBB has high superconducting transition temperature. 

At the same time, niobium diboride is the raw material of gold solder. After the solder is 

brazed with refractory metal NbN, it has good wettability and spreadability, good solder 

fluidity, strong seam filling ability and good weld high-temperature strength.



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