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We are Jinzhou Haixin Metal Materials Co.,Ltd,founded in 19th  Apr 2012. A company that engages in the production of metal material.

Products are divided into 2 groups: aluminium alloy production,titanium powder,titanium tablet.High purity metal compound, carbide,nitride,boride,silicide,MAX phase metal materials.etc.

We become the most popular players in  the domestic market by technical innovation and supreme post-sales services.With the import-export business,  we pay most attention to the trade along with the production. 

We are among the first players to pass the  ISO9001, WE aim to upgrade our products and innovate while maintain the quality. 

The company holds 6 state-patents. And take part in more and more state level  science project. 

Jinzhou Haixin Metal Materials Co.,Ltd, we keep up to the motto of quality first,post -sales service perfect,sustainability forever, and looking forward to the cooperation with the friends in the business.

Technological innovation

Honesty is the foundation

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