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MAX phase (Ti3SiC2) is applied to nuclear fuel cladding

2020-08-01 14:10:16

  According to the statistical analysis at the forefront of international engineering, the most likely breakthrough in nuclear power technology is the accident-resistant fuel (ATF) technology, which improves the inherent safety and reduces the risk of core (fuel) melting. To mitigate or eliminate the risk of hydrogen explosion caused by zirconium water reaction; To improve the capacity of fissile product fuel assembly in an accident. Accident resistance development two aspects of the subcontract shell and fuel pellet fuel, cladding by MAX phase (Ti3SiC2) coating, advanced metal cladding (such as FeCrAl alloy, compound Mo cladding), as well as SiC composite cladding (such as elemental SiC inner - SiC fiber layer - elemental SiC outer), etc., the SiC cladding material melting point 5245 ℃, far higher than Zr material melting point 1852 ℃; Pellets with UO2 pellet doping modification (adding modified particles to improve thermal conductivity, such as BeO, SiC whisker, diamond), use high-density ceramic fuel (such as high heat conductivity, high density of uranium U15N, U3Si2, UC), micro encapsulated 

  metal matrix fuel (such as BISO/TRISO particles dispersed in the zirconium alloy substrate), as well as the full ceramic micro encapsulated fuel (such as BISO/TRISO particles dispersion in SiC matrix), etc., such as UO2 - diamond particles dispersion pellet center temperature 1259 ℃, only less than traditional UO2 pellets is 1781 ℃. The development of accident-resistant fuels should be based on a road map. The target market should be the gradual application of accident-resistant fuels to new and existing nuclear plants to improve the overall safety level and achieve results.



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