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Yttrium hexaborate  YB6

Yttrium hexaborate YB6

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Yttrium hexaborate

English name: Yttrium hexaborate

Chemical formula: YB6

Molecular weight: 237.9

Melting point: 2345 ℃

Density: 2.23g/cm3

Application: Yttrium borate has high hardness, high elastic modulus, high melting point, and excellent thermal stability, among which the most common forms are yttrium tetraborate (yb4) and yttrium hexaborate (yb6). Yb4 and yb6 have tetragonal and cubic crystal structures, respectively, and both have low brittleness and good mechanical failure tolerance. They are expected to be applied in the field of ultra-high temperature ceramics to improve the toughness and ductility of ceramic materials. Compared with yb4, yb6 ceramics are more likely to form dislocations during deformation, resulting in better ductility of the material. At the same time, rare earth hexa Boride also has the characteristics of low work function, high conductivity, high emission current density and strong thermal radiation resistance. It is a potential candidate material in the field of electronic emission materials, thermoelectric materials and superconducting materials. Therefore, yb6 and other rare earth hexa Boride have very broad application prospects. However, the structure of yb6 with small cation radius is unstable at high temperature, and it will decompose into yb4 above 1700 ℃. Due to its excellent physicochemical and electrical properties such as high melting point, high hardness and strength, low density, oxidation resistance, excellent chemical stability, and good electrical and magnetic properties, yttrium boronate (YB6/YB4) is a high-performance high-temperature thermoelectric material suitable for extreme environments such as ultra-high temperature and nuclear environments. The application field of yttrium borohydride (YB6/YB4) involves various fields that require high-temperature thermoelectric component materials such as hypersonic aircraft leading edge thermal protection systems and rocket propulsion components.


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