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Cobalt Silicide, CoSi2

Cobalt Silicide, CoSi2

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Cobalt disilicide

The chemical formula CoSi2. The molecular weight is 115.11. Dark brown orthorhombic crystal. 

The melting point is 1277 ℃, and the relative density is 5.3. It can be oxidized at 1200 ℃ and erode 

its surface;

It reacts with chlorine at 300 ℃. It is eroded by hydrogen fluoride, dilute and concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid, and can also be severely eroded by molten strong alkali. It acts slowly with boiling hot concentrated hydrochloric acid. CoSi2, with low resistivity and good thermal stability, is widely used as a contact in LSI. Moreover, CoSi2 has a crystal structure similar to that of Si, so it can form epitaxial CoSi2 / Si structure on Si substrate to study the interface characteristics of epitaxial metal silicon. Silicide nanostructures have potential applications in a series of fields of nanoelectronics: semiconductor silicide nanostructures (FeSi2) can be used to prepare nano electronic active devices, which may have very important applications in silicon-based nano light-emitting devices; and metallic silicides (CoSi2, Nisi2) can be used as nanowires in quantum computers and fault-tolerant terahertz nano circuit computers in the future. Because epitaxial silicide wires can be prepared on silicon substrates, their properties will be greatly improved compared with ordinary metal nanowires because there is no grain boundary; metallic 


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