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Copper Silicide, Cu5Si

Copper Silicide, Cu5Si

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Molecular weight: 345.81

Copper silicon

Molecular formula: Cu5Si

Coppersilicidecm; copper; silicon

Melting point: 825 ° C

Density: 7.7-7.8

Cupric silicide (cu5si), also known as cupric silicide, is a binary silicon compound of copper, which is a metal intermetallic compound, which means that its properties are between ionic compounds and alloys. It has excellent conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Copper silicide films can be used to passivate copper based chips, inhibit their diffusion and electron migration, and act as diffusion barriers.Copper silicide can also be used for direct synthesis of organosilicon compounds in industry. In the reaction, copper silicide can Silicify chloromethane. For example, commercially useful dimethyldichlorosilane can be prepared. It can also be used in silicate electronic industry - vacuum devices - integrated circuit - ship - Automobile - Light Industry - Aerospace and other scientific and technological fields!


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