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Calcium Silicide,CaSi2

Calcium Silicide,CaSi2

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Chemical formula:CaSi2.

molecular weight:96.25.

Gray brown hexagonal plate-shaped crystal with metallic luster. 

The relative density was 2.5. 

It is insoluble in water and soluble in hydrochloric acid to produce siloxane.

Preparation method: CASI and Si mixed and heated, mole ratio 1:1

,or Cao and Si heated at high temperature.

application: making explosives.


CAS: 12013-56-8

Molecular formula: CaSi2

Molecular weight: 96.24900

Melting point: 1020oc

Density: 2.5 g / cm3

Appearance and character: shape: Crystal





Calcium silicide is used for deoxidation mostly used for scientific research. 

It is designed to increase the amount of heat conductive material to prevent 

the formation of oxidization of iron.. It is used for deoxidation of steelmaking a

nd additive of special steel.


Calcium silicate can react with water to form combustible hydrogen silicide gas. 

Therefore, after calcium silicate fire breaks out, it can’t be extinguished with water 

or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, sand or dry powder fire extinguisher can be used.




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