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Ferro Silicide, FeSi2

Ferro Silicide, FeSi2

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Chinese Name: iron silicide

Iron silicon

It's also known as ironsilicide grayholder

Chemical formula FeSi2

The molecular weight is 119.975 CAS

Accession number 12022-99-0 EINECS

Accession number 234-671-8

Melting point 1410 ℃

Water soluble, insoluble in water

The density was 4.79g/cm3

Appearance gray powder

Rumor: "silicide" is alien "black box"


1: Yuri lavbin, chairman of the tungusian cosmological phenomena foundation, has discovered a silicon crystal called "ferrosilicide" which cannot be formed naturally in nature.

Fact: the natural silicified iron, i.e. disilicite, was first discovered in Devonian sandstone along the coast of the Soviet Union. At that time, it was speculated that the genesis of meteorite was meteorite [4], and the discoverer was also the former Soviet geologist. In addition, there were many domestic reports, and many of them were not meteorite origin but magmatic origin at all [2], which was also clearly pointed out in the literature.

2: Neon, xenon, argon It is impossible for such a combination of material components to form inthe earth's environment.

Fact: Neon [5], xenon [5], argon [6] often exist in geological samples, and can be used for in-depth study of metallogenic conditions and time, and corresponding references can be seen.

3: Even the most powerful laser instruments leave only slight marks on iron silicideFact: Ferrosilicon has a hardness of about 6.5 [7], depending on the type, and is even harder than the common quartz (i.e., crystal, which has a hardness of 7).To sum up, the so-called rumor that Tungus discovered the alien "iron silicide" was imported by foreign countries has a lot of scientific hard damage, is not credible at all, and should not be spread rumors.



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