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Zirconium Hydride Powder, ZrH2

Zirconium Hydride Powder, ZrH2

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Properties of zirconium hydride

English name: zirconium hydride/zirconium dihydride

EINECS 231-727-3

molecular weight ZrH2

molecular weight 93.24

zirconium hydride chemical ZrH2, density 5.6g/cm3, was prepared in the same manner as titanium hydride, hydrogenation temperature is usually 900 it is a stable powder stable to air and water under normal conditionsIt can violently with antioxidant and acid reaction, it can smoothly in ignition burning, in 300 starts to break down in a vacuum, in 500-700 complete decomposition zirconium

hydride appearance is metal, black powder generated heat 124 kj/mol, and electrical conductivity between metals and semiconductors, 10-3 when pressure is 1.33 pa in the 400 release of hydrogen for metal and weak acid to water, under normal circumstances is not reaction, soluble in 1% ~ 5% of hydrofluoric acid in it can react violently with oxidant and acid to be ignited, burning The purpose of zirconium hydride

Zirconium hydride is used for fireworks flux and ignition agent in the industry, used in nuclear reactors as the moderator, getter in the vacuum tube, also used in metal - ceramic seal hydrogenated titanium and zirconium hydride industry has a ton of generation and supply, but it is mainly used for military purposes zirconium hydride as a strong reductant used as additive in preparation of ferroalloy deoxidizer and desulphurizer is mixed with calcium carbide and nitride, can be used as a metal coating because can infiltrate ceramic, look for metal - ceramic binder, used for vacuum tube and ceramic componentsIn addition, it is used as neutron reductor and other materials of nuclear power station, getter for vacuum tube, fire trap and flux, etc. Its application examples are as follows:

1) Preparation of a kind of zirconium hydride surface hydrogen resistance coating.

2) preparation of a spray powder, including aluminum powder zirconium hydride powder and boron carbide powder. 

3) preparation of a touch screen silver paste.






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