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Vanadium Hydride Powder, VH2

Vanadium Hydride Powder, VH2

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Hydrogenated vanadium

Chinese name: Vanadium hydride

Vanadium hydride

Molecular formula: VH2

Molecular weight: 55.9812

Vanadium hydride (VH2), when the temperature rises from 25 ° C to 200 ° C, the pressure of hydrogen emission will rise sharply from 0.19 mpa (1.9 atmospheric

pressure) to 87 mpa (870 atmospheric pressure), which can be said to be an ideal compressor. Vanadium hydride is a transition metal hydride. The elements of scandium, vanadium, chromium, nickel, palladium, lanthanide and actinide in transition metals can form binary compounds with hydrogen.

Properties of vanadium hydride:

(1)VH2 is very unstable. When the temperature is 13℃, its dissociation pressure has reached 1.01×105Pa. Its reaction formula is 2VH2→2VH+H2.

(2)The metal vanadium hydride is a gray metal substance, after the absorption of hydrogen, lattice expansion.

(3) Hydride density is about 6% ~ 10% lower than vanadium metal.

(4) Metal vanadium becomes brittle after absorption of hydrogen. Heated to 600℃ ~ 700℃ in vacuum, the hydride of vanadium is decomposed. With the release of hydrogen, the hardness of vanadium decreases and the plastic property is restored.

(5)It does not interact with water, nor with boiling hydrochloric acid, but is oxidized by nitric acid. Vanadium hydride is used in hydrogen storage alloy, its hydrogen storage capacity is large, is a promising compound.



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