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CeSi2 , Cerium silicide

CeSi2 , Cerium silicide

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Name: cerium silicide

Character: block

Molecular formula: CeSi2

Molecular weight: 196.287

CAS: 2014-85-6

EINECS: 234-602-1

Chemical formula: CeSi2

Molecular weight: 196.29

Density (g/ml, 25.4 ℃): 5.67

Melting point: 1620 ° C

Solubility: insoluble in water



Synthesis method:

        Mix silicon and cerium containing materials for pressing and forming to 

obtain bulk materials; Under a protective atmosphere, calcine the block material 

to obtain cerium silicide; The cerium containing material is cerium powder or 

cerium oxide; The roasting pressure of cerium oxide is 0-30mbar; The roasting 

pressure of cerium powder is 300-950 mbar

Physical and chemical properties:

        Cerium silicide is a black crystalline solid with a high melting point and 

hardness. Its crystal structure is cubic and belongs to the NaCl type structure. 

Cerium silicide is stable in air, but it reacts with oxygen to form cerium oxide at 

high temperatures.


        Cerium silicide has extensive applications in the field of materials science. 

Due to its high thermal conductivity and excellent mechanical properties, cerium 

silicide is widely used as a high-temperature structural material. For example, 

cerium silicide can be used to prepare high-temperature alloys, ceramic materials, 

and coating materials. In addition, cerium silicide can also be used to prepare 

high-performance ceramic matrix composites, such as ceramic matrix composite 

cutting tools, ceramic matrix composite electronic packaging materials, etc. 

These materials have good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and mechanical 

strength, and are widely used in fields such as aerospace, automobiles, and energy. 

        Cerium silicide also has important applications in the field of catalysts. Due 

to its high surface area and abundant active sites, cerium silicide can be used as a 

catalyst carrier or catalyst itself. Cerium silicide catalysts are widely used in 

environmental protection fields such as automotive exhaust purification and 

industrial waste gas treatment. In addition, cerium silicide can also be used as a 

catalyst in organic synthesis reactions, such as hydrogenation, oxidation, carbonylation, 

and other reactions. Cerium silicide catalysts play a crucial role in the chemical 

industry, helping to improve reaction efficiency, selectivity, and product purity.

       Cerium silicide can also be used for the preparation of electronic materials and 

devices. Cerium silicide has semiconductor properties and can be used to prepare

cerium silicide thin films, cerium silicide nanoparticles, and so on. These cerium 

silicide materials have important applications in electronic devices, such as field 

emission displays, thin film transistors, etc. Cerium silicide can also be used to 

prepare electrochemical materials, such as positive electrode materials for lithium-ion 

batteries. The application of cerium silicide in the electronic field has promoted the 

development of electronic technology and improved the performance and reliability 

of electronic products.

        Cerium silicide can also be used in the field of optics. Cerium silicide has high 

refractive index and transparency, and can be used to prepare optical lenses, optical 

windows, optical fibers, etc. Cerium silicide optical materials have excellent optical 

properties and are widely used in fields such as lasers, optical communication, and 

optoelectronic devices. The optical application of cerium silicide has promoted the 

development of optical technology and expanded the application range of optical 



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