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Yttrium Disilicide,YSi2

Yttrium Disilicide,YSi2

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CAS No.: 12067-55-9

Molecular formula: YSi2

Molecular weight: 145.08

EINECS No.: 235-080-8

Properties: orthorhombic system at low temperature and tetragonal system at high 

temperature. The melting point is 1520 ℃. The resistivity is higher than that of metal 

yttrium, and the resistance temperature coefficient is positive, but it is negative at 500 ℃. 

Easy to interact with hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid.





Solubility: Easy to interact with hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid

Conductivity: YSi2 exhibits a metal like behavior with a very high electron concentration, a higher resistivity than metal yttrium, and a positive coefficient of resistance temperature 1. This leads to a very high conductivity of thermoelectric properties (≈ 18 × 105 Ω − 1 m − 1), but the Seebeck coefficient is small (− 26 µ V K-1) and decreases with increasing temperature. The thermal conductivity is approximately 14-19 W m − 1 K − 1 for all temperature ranges. The maximum ZT value at 423 is 0.026 K

Production process: Large YSi2 blocks are prepared by arc melting high-purity silicon and yttrium raw materials. The ingot is crushed into powder and compacted by spark plasma sintering to form high-density particles.

Application field: Yttrium and silicon are key components used to manufacture solar panels, yttrium is used to absorb light energy, and silicon is the main substrate for solar panels.


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