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Tantalum Nitride powder, TaN

Tantalum Nitride powder, TaN

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Tantalum Nitride is a black hexagonal crystal with a molecular formula of TaN and a molecular weight of 194.95.

Relative density 13.4, melting point is 3090 ℃, microhardness is 1100 kg/was, thermal conductivity is 9.54 W/(m, K), the resistivity of 128 mu Ω · cm.

Delta tantalum nitride is a greenish-yellow crystal, belonging to sodium chloride type, with a relative density of 15.6. The lattice constants are A =0.4336nm and C =0.4150nm. The melting point was 2950℃, the microhardness was 3200kg/mm2, and the conversion point temperature was 17.8k.

Insoluble in water, acid, slightly soluble in aqua aqua, soluble in potassium hydroxide and release ammonia, heated to 2000℃ release nitrogen.

1. Tantalum nitride resistance is a material used to make precise sheet resistances.

2. As an additive of super hard material, pure tantalum pentachloride can be prepared: used for spraying, increasing the electrical stability of transformers, integrated circuits and diodes. In the manufacturing of integrated circuits, these films are deposited on top of the silicon wafer to form a film surface mount resistance. Tantalum nitride resistors are resistant to water vapor. Tantalum nitride material is used to make the protective layer of chip wires.



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