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Titanium Nitride Powder, TiN

Titanium Nitride Powder, TiN

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Properties of titanium nitride

Titanium nitide (TiN) has a typical NaCl structure, belonging to a face-centered cubic lattice, with the lattice constant A =0.4241nm. Titanium atoms are located at the angular tip of face-centered cubic lattice. TiN is a non-stoichiometric compound, and its stable composition range is TIN0.37-TIN1.16. Nitrogen content can change within a certain range without causing changes in TiN structure. TiN powders are generally yellowish-brown, ultrafine TiN powders are black, and TiN crystals are golden yellow. TiN melting point is 2950℃, density is 5.43-5.44g/cm3, Mohs hardness is 8-9, good thermal impact resistance. The physical and chemical properties of titanium nitride are determined by the content of nitrogen. When the content of nitrogen decreases, the lattice parameters of titanium nitride instead increase, and the hardness also increases microscopically, but the seismic resistance of titanium nitride decreases accordingly. TiN has a higher melting point and a lower density than most transition metal nitrides.

2. Application of titanium nitride

Titanium nitride has good physical and chemical properties, such as high melting point, good chemical stability, high hardness, good conductivity, heat conduction and light performance, etc., which makes it very important in various fields, especially in the field of new cermet and gold decoration. The industry demands more and more titanium nitride powder. As a coating, titanium nitride has low price, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, and its many properties are better than vacuum coating. The application prospect of titanium nitride is very broad.

It is mainly applied in the following aspects:

(1) Tin is highly biocompatible and can be used in clinical medicine and stomatology.

(2) Titanium nitride has a low friction coefficient and can be used as a high-temperature lubricant.

(3) Titanium nitride, with metallic luster, can be used as a simulated gold decoration material, and has a good application prospect in the surrogate gold decoration industry; Titanium nitride can also be used as gold coating in jewelry industry. It can be used as a potential material to replace WC, so that the application cost of the material can be greatly reduced.

(4) Super hardness and wear resistance, can be used for the development of new tools, this new type of tools than ordinary cemented carbide tool durability and service life are significantly improved.

(5) Titanium nitride is a new multi-functional ceramic material. The addition of a certain amount of titanium nitrite to TiC-Mo-Ni series cermet can significantly refine the hard phase grains, so that the physical properties of cermet have been greatly improved at room temperature and high temperature, and the high temperature corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of cermet have been greatly improved. The strength, toughness and hardness of ceramics can be enhanced by adding TiN powder to ceramics in a certain proportion. Titanium nitride nanometer is added to TiN/Al2O3 multiphase nanometer ceramics, which is evenly mixed by various methods (such as mechanical mixing method), and the obtained ceramic materials containing titanium nitride nanoparticles form a conductive network inside. This material can be used as an electronic component in the semiconductor industry.

(6) Adding a certain amount of TiN to magnesium-carbon bricks can greatly improve the slag erosion resistance of magnesium-carbon bricks.

(7) Titanium nitride is an excellent structural material, which can be used for steam injection thrusters and rockets. Titanium nitride is also widely used in bearings and sealing rings, which highlights the excellent application effect of titanium nitride.

(8) Based on the excellent electrical conductivity of titanium nitride, it can be made into a variety of electrodes and contact first-class materials.

(9) Titanium nitride has a high critical superconducting temperature and can be used as an excellent superconducting materialTitanium nitride has a melting point higher than most transition metal nitrides and a density lower than most metal nitrides, making it a unique refractory.

(11) Titanium nitride can be coated on glass as a film. In the case of infrared reflectance greater than 75%, when the thickness of titanium nitride film is greater than 90nm, it can effectively improve the insulation performance of glass. In addition, by adjusting the percentage of nitrogen elements in ti nitride, the color of ti nitride film can be changed to achieve the ideal aesthetic effect.

Titanium nitride (TiN) is a fairly stable compound, which does not react with metals such as iron, chromium, calcium and magnesium at high temperature, and TiN crucible does not act with acidic slag and basic slag in the atmosphere of CO and N2. Therefore, TiN crucible is an excellent container for studying the interaction between liquid steel and some elements. TiN is heated to lose nitrogen in a vacuum to produce titanium nitride with low nitrogen content.

TiN has attractive gold color, high melting point, high hardness, good chemical stability, low wetting with metal structural materials, and high conductivity and superconductivity, which can be used in high temperature structural materials and superconducting materials.

Titanium nitride is a new kind of multifunctional cermet material with high melting point, high hardness and low friction coefficient, which is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Firstly, titanium nitride is an excellent structural material for high strength ceram tools, steam jet propulsion, and rockets. In addition, titanium nitride has a low friction coefficient and can be used as a high temperature lubricant. 

Titanium nitride for bearings and sealing rings shows excellent results. Titanium nitride has a high conductivity can be used as the electrode of molten salt electrolysis, as well as the point contact, film resistance and other materials. Titanium nitride is an excellent superconducting material with high critical superconducting temperature.




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