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Tungsten Boride Powder, WB2

Tungsten Boride Powder, WB2

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TName: Tungsten borate



Molecular weight: 194.65

Appearance: Black Gray solid powder

Properties: the structure of tungsten borate is octagonal crystal, the 

 is black powder,the density is 1.6 g/ml, the melting point is 2670 ℃, insoluble in 

water, soluble in aqua regia, with large hardness, high toughness, wear resistance,

 high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability and 

conductivity, and excellent neutron absorption effect. Note: it will decompose in

 natural environment, so it is generally stored in a closed, cool and dry environment.

Uses: Tungsten borate is commonly used as structural material, wear-resistant

 material, electrode material, semiconductor film, cutting tool material, 

corrosion-resistant material, etc. Among them, a workpiece with a boron rich

 tungsten coating is prepared, including a workpiece substrate, and a tungsten

 layer,  a tungsten boride gradient layer and a boron rich tungsten coating arranged

 on the substrate in turn; The boron content is gradually increased along the thickness 

direction of the workpiece substrate to the tungsten layer and in the tungsten 

borate gradient layer.

Application of tungsten borate metal / polymer matrix composites in the field of nuclear 

shielding materials.

At present, nuclear shielding materials usually need to add neutron and gamma

 ray shielding components at the same time to achieve the simultaneous shielding 

of neutrons and gamma rays γ The function of X-ray, and the tungsten borate 

developed by our team can just meet the above requirements. Therefore,with 

tungsten borate as the main component, our team developed material preparation 

technologies such as metal infiltration and powder metallurgy, which have uniform

 component distribution, excellent mechanical properties, and both neutrons and 

neutrons γ High volume density tungsten borate aluminum matrix composites, 

tungsten borate titanium matrix composites and tungsten borate polymer matrix 

composites with ray shielding properties. The related preparation process is simple, 

and the shielding components are easy to control, which can meet different 

radiation sites. The thermal neutron shielding rate of the 3mm thick tungsten borate

 aluminum matrix composite is 99%; 15cm thick tungsten borate aluminum matrix 

composite pair γ The shielding rate of X-ray (0.662 MeV) reaches 99%. It can be seen

that the new tungsten borate nuclear radiation protection composite developed by 

our team is expected to be widely used in spent fuel storage, aerospace, reactor 

shielding, instrument components, medical radiation protection and other fields.


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