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Vanadium diboride VB

Vanadium diboride VB

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Name: vanadium monoboride

Chemical formula: VB

Color: black grey

Crystal: irregular

Melting point: 2980 ℃

Density: 3.77g/cm3

Melting point: 2450 ° C

Density: 5.1 g/mL at 25 ° C (lit.)

CAS No.: 12007-37-3

MDL No.: MFCD00049697

Synthesis method: the element boron and element niobium are mixed in proportion, pressure formed, and heated in a heating furnace.

Product performance: VB is characterized by high melting point, high hardness, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and resistance to molten metal corrosion. It is used to make ultra-high temperature structural materials and has important applications in extreme environments such as ultra-high temperature and metal smelting. In addition, VB as the electrode material of alkaline battery has a large discharge capacity and is a new energy material. It can also be used in conductive ceramic materials and other fields.


1. Metal borides can be used to generate batteries or fuel cells, which can be an alternative energy source for petroleum resources. The electrochemical energy storage technology through multi electron oxidation of metal borides, such as vanadium boride, is expected to replace the existing batteries based on single electron charge storage of Chemicalbook. The multi electron oxidation of vanadium borate anode coupled with carbon air cathode can provide excellent electrochemical energy storage capacity due to its multi electron charge storage capacity.

2. It is used in conductive ceramic materials, fine ceramic raw material powder and other fields, belonging to atomic crystal.

3. Vanadium boride can also be used for wear-resistant coating. The vanadium boride coating has high hardness H ≥ 35GPa, and the friction coefficient is 0.4~0.6

4. Semiconductor film

Packaging and storage:

Sealed and stored in a dry and cool environment. It should not be exposed to the air to prevent moisture from causing oxidation and agglomeration, which will affect the dispersion performance and use effect.



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