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Zirconium Nitride, ZrN

Zirconium Nitride, ZrN

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Zirconium nitride USES:

Zirconium nitride has good neutron properties, thermal physical properties and chemical stability under high temperature environment, and its own high melting point. It is one of the systems required by IMF material selection for the fourth-generation nuclear fission system. (Zr - N) compounds as the change of composition and a variety of crystal structure, such as: in Zr - N alloy system, has found a ZrN, o - Zr alloy compounds ₃ N ₄, c - Zr ₃ N ₄. They not only have excellent chemical properties, not only can be used in Josephson junction, diffuse layer, low thermometer, etc., but also can be used in 3D integrated electric coil, metal based transistor. At the same time, these ZR-N compounds are superior to pure zirconium in wear resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, etc., and have a high superconducting critical temperature, so they may become a very good superconductor, with high use value.

Zirconium nitride is mainly used in nuclear reactor protective layer of alloy materials, aerospace rocket engine jet of high temperature alloy material, artillery missile alloy material, and production of petroleum and chemical reducing chloride reactor or container of corrosion resistant material, but also widely used in industrial applications, such as car accessories, mobile communications equipment and cameras and other digital products such as anti-corrosion corrosion resistant layer diffusion barrier layer and decorative layer and circuit devices, etc. The applications of zirconium nitride in other fields are mainly as follows: based on its excellent electrical conductivity, it can be used as an electrical contact layer in the electronic industry; based on its low friction coefficient and good sliding performance, it can be used as a composite layer in tribology.






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