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Tungsten Silicide, WSi2

Tungsten Silicide, WSi2

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Tungsten silicide

CAS No.: 12039-95-1

EINECS No.: 12039-95-1

Melting point: 2320 ° C

Density: 14.400

Density: 9.88 g/cm3

Properties: It has good oxidation resistance, soluble in aqua regia fluoride, but insoluble in water. Chemical properties of tungsten disilicide It can react violently with many substances, such as strong acids, fluorine, oxidants and halogenated compounds.

Use: WSi2 is often used as electric shock material in microelectronics, with resistance of 60-80 μ Ωcm。 At the same time, it is often used as a shunt on the polysilicon line to increase the conductivity and signal speed of the polysilicon line. Because of its high melting point, good stability, and low resistivity, tungsten disilicide (WSi2) has become more and more popular in the CMOS process, mainly used to improve the ohmic contact between metal aluminum and silicon, and used together with polysilicon as the guide material of gate to reduce the resistivity of gate.

Preparation method of tungsten silicide:

(1) The tungsten powder and silicon powder are massaged at a ratio of 1:2, the titanium powder and graphite powder are massaged at a ratio of 1:1, and then mixed evenly.

(2) Put the W-Si mixed powder in the center of the crucible, and put the Ti-C mixed powder evenly between the W-Si mixed powder and the crucible. Finally, put a layer of Ti-C mixed powder on the top of all the mixed powder. The weight ratio of the Ti-C mixed powder and the W-Si mixed powder in the crucible is (0.8~1.2): 1

(3) Put the crucible containing mixed powder into a closed reactor, vacuum it, fill it with argon, and then electrify it with tungsten wire to initiate the reaction between mixtures.

(4) After cooling, the reacted materials are taken out, titanium carbide and tungsten disilicide are separated, and titanium carbide and tungsten disilicide powder are obtained after crushing respectively.

Packaging and storage: generally, the inert gas anti-static packaging should be sealed and stored in a dry and cool environment. It should not be exposed to the air for a long time to prevent moisture and agglomeration, which will affect the dispersion performance and use effect.




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